New Moon #fridayfling

A New Moon occurs when the Moon and the Sun are in the same Sign of the Zodiac. The Sun lights up the back of the Moon, making it unable, for us, (down here on earth), to see it.



It is the phase of the Moon to begin new projects, make important phones calls, write-up new proposals, and, initiate new endeavours.


Thought you’d get up early.
Flit the day away.

Sneak away,
before the effects of
Friday’s new moon,
got you movin’and shakin,’
starting that thing you wanted to do,
calling those guys you wanted meet,
signing off on that sale you made,
before reading it … just one more time.

But,  you (returned).
Snuggled back into bed.
Chased away the blues,
with a coffee instead.

Tossing and turning, the tides pulled you out,
pushed you back in again.
Sweeping through your thoughts,
each time, bringing clarity to the moment,
when the sun would set,
the moon would peak,
and you would start your day.


In the Wake of Tsunami

How do we handle catastrophes? They come upon us in a flash, like a smack across the face. Do we hold a sideways glance at the ones, that don’t  involve us…?
That’s when the genuine depth of our empathy and sympathy for  life, and our interaction, or, lack, thereof, can’t hide from who we really are.

  In the Wake of Tsunami

Mother Natures’ had enough of what she’s seen and heard,
She’ll solve the chaos of the world…
without…a single word.