Tuesday Haiku #4

train arriving late
not much time to heed the mood
feeling hearts desire                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               photo (6)


Laundromat Love

window-dressing-janet-webbMy life hung outside the window. This night would make or break, my future, love, heart. I couldn’t let her see it. Jealousy had destroyed her love for me, my faith in her. We both met Johnny at the laundromat. He fixed over-soaped, under paid machines. One late laundry night, he showed me a dress
that had been left behind long ago. Ruby red ruffles, skimmed the floor just right, as I sashayed down the
drier aisle  to midnight musak.
“Meet me under the fire escape”, he said. Donning the dress, falling into his arms…
… we’ve been gone ever since. .

photo copyright: Janet Webb

Written for: Rochelle-Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers

I’s Fraser Lake

Fraser Lake photo: S.R.F.

Lazy days, nights that stopped the clock.
Set back into the arms of childhood…
fun, fury, broken hearts fueling fires…

Rebuilding dreams we’ve kept in our pockets.
Returning, relearning, recharging.
Infusing all that is… with all that was

Taking us to another day,
with a smile, and a hug.

Fraser Lake Cottages 

Faded Love

Faded love, dripping away.
Past you,
through you.

Once you took me home,
now you’ve left me alone.

Under cover, rolling naked between sheets,
I trace your outline with my body.

Sparkling with thoughts of you,
exhausted on all sides.

Sleep rescues broken hearts.