imagine …

IMG_0454a space to rest
shelve thoughts …
for a while

soak in sky-blue mist,
watch early morning sun beams
soften life’s terrain,

levelling the ‘field of play’ ….


An overdue admission to Colleen Chesebro’s  TANKA Challenge #88 

TANKA Challenge #88 


when summer is blue
i admire the calm waters
inhale moist sweet air
lightning storms may spark unrest
yet, the current flows easy


May i interrupt You for A Kiss?

IMG_3909walking by the couch I saw you sleeping
i could hardy keep my hands away
i wanted to tap you gently on your shoulder
“may i interrupt you for a kiss? ”

the walk was so exhausting
the breeze and sun combined
the hills were steep
and trees, so tall …
but you didn’t lag behind

because you sleep so soft now,
i think it’s only fair
i ask before i wake you,
“may i interrupt you for a kiss?”

i walk around real quiet
trying not to ‘wake you’
but doing dishes can get loud
and, the calls i have to make …
although … there’s just a few

really … you’re still sleeping,
how do you do that?
though i love to see your soul at peace …
“may i interrupt you for a kiss”?



Monday Muse

and who are we to think
that Monday would be smooth?

shining, as the sun can’t help but do
in the summer time

instead, walking gravel,
can’t find soft sand
soles, sore with the roughness of this bumpy road

but, there’s always a bright side to a shady,
an up to a down
a right, to a wrong …

proving again,
how profound we are


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At Bay

keeping the world at bay
beyond the nest where life thrives

on the outside, clutter and noise
uncertain of tomorrow
nervous of today
and sad of yesterday,
when you had the choice,
you didn’t make,
to leave the world outside when you came home
to you, yours…




Stuck For Breath

loose thoughtsunnamed-e1523472111907
in the here and now

no moment
to take a quiet breath,
find/hold truth
without a thought process that rakes the soul up and down the coals

soft, in-the-moment real life breath,
used to be
you could count on breath
to see you from one moment to the next
not so sure they tell me …
if you’re stuck …