imagine …

IMG_0454a space to rest
shelve thoughts …
for a while

soak in sky-blue mist,
watch early morning sun beams
soften life’s terrain,

levelling the ‘field of play’ ….


Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge


Cinquain –    Synonyms for ‘MAGIC & GREEN’


                                                                        tender silence

                                                                   casting love everywhere

                                                                       losing all my reality


Somewhat darker ….. yet ….


forceful envy

grabbing freedom away

sprouting shameful envious thoughts



Colleen’s 2018 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 91 Synonyms for ‘Magic & Green’

Stuck For Breath

loose thoughtsunnamed-e1523472111907
in the here and now

no moment
to take a quiet breath,
find/hold truth
without a thought process that rakes the soul up and down the coals

soft, in-the-moment real life breath,
used to be
you could count on breath
to see you from one moment to the next
not so sure they tell me …
if you’re stuck …


‘silk –  fine threads of fibre often woven into cocoons for protection by silkworms.   
 luxurious, resilient and, extremely strong’.

love, a precious strand of silk, weaves through our lives binding hearts together

vulnerable, in the shadow if it’s strength,
we strive to keep it weaving all the time.