Tip Of The Tongue

“the words are on the tip of my tongue”

some live
immersed in what they know of life
in all it’s bright glory.

evading tender compassion,
stuck for what to say…
words stay on the tip of the tongue

bitter tasting
face grimacing
eyes closing from sour.
burning hot breath
running from emotion to find cool, calm waters
in which to rinse the taste away

making sure it goes no deeper into the core,
doesn’t get farther …

than the tip of the tongue.








shut down, closed off,
they can’t be found.

dragged by the slipstream of life
from start to finish,
their silent voice became a wall
do you hear them?

‘for the moment,
nothing matters but emotions of the heart,

this reality too, will become a recollection of a time,
we shook our heads
were brought to tears’.

reflections …
reminding us we were there …

We close our world around us,
in reflection.