An overdue admission to Colleen Chesebro’s  TANKA Challenge #88 

TANKA Challenge #88 


when summer is blue
i admire the calm waters
inhale moist sweet air
lightning storms may spark unrest
yet, the current flows easy



New Moon #fridayfling

A New Moon occurs when the Moon and the Sun are in the same Sign of the Zodiac. The Sun lights up the back of the Moon, making it unable, for us, (down here on earth), to see it.



It is the phase of the Moon to begin new projects, make important phones calls, write-up new proposals, and, initiate new endeavours.


Thought you’d get up early.
Flit the day away.

Sneak away,
before the effects of
Friday’s new moon,
got you movin’and shakin,’
starting that thing you wanted to do,
calling those guys you wanted meet,
signing off on that sale you made,
before reading it … just one more time.

But,  you (returned).
Snuggled back into bed.
Chased away the blues,
with a coffee instead.

Tossing and turning, the tides pulled you out,
pushed you back in again.
Sweeping through your thoughts,
each time, bringing clarity to the moment,
when the sun would set,
the moon would peak,
and you would start your day.

We all Love Drummers – Haiku

we all love drummers
they feel nature’s pure rhythms
of all that we are


New? World …

photo courtesy jenniewoo

new water.
fish jumping.
no splash, gurgle, or ripple.
only waves.
foaming open mouths biting sand, spitting seaweed and empty shells, where life used to be.
unprotected, yet totally safe.
concealed in caves,
they play and joke below the chaos, in a silent world.
their own private melting pot, where peace reigns.
breathing perfect air.
seldom speaking,
seldom seeing,
yet always knowing
how to love.

He’s Mine

peacock_657_600x450full bloom feathers.
a plume for pens, boas, fans.
from behind bars,
he peeks,
she protects.

“they’ll never get him from my loving care.
my wings wrapped
gently around him
in a hold,
so soft,
he sleeps in peace
never knowing the dripping glares
from outside greed,
who want to wear his precious life”.

Photo by permission: Medfor Taylor

National Geographic