The Grapes Of Jazz, Aural Stimulation For The Palate Part 3 Of 4

Some of us lean a little more to white wines in the summer. Needing to pick one up tonight, after listening to this! Thank you

Arnold Faber "Vibeman's" Blog

We exist in an environment of sensory perception.

Humans have always tried to “grab” what ever appealed to them and savor it in a way that suits them. If its too loud, one turns it down; too hot, one waits or cools it down; too bitter, one adds sweetener, etc… .

It seems that we are always trying to improve all our sensory experiences to suit our individual tastes.

  • Recorded sound (i.e. music): mono>stereo>quad>Qsound, etc…
  • Visual (i.e. films): black & white>color>3D, etc…
  • Comfort (i.e. clothing): functionality>convenience>fashion
  • Taste (i.e. food): heat>seasoning>presentation>pairing, etc…

We are always trying to enhance our experience. After playing wine festivals, house parties and doing this with both live AND recorded music for years, I have developed a very enjoyable addition to my professional services with this particular pairing.

I am presenting this four part CBC radio series, The Grapes Of Jazz I did awhile ago.

  1. Romance
  2. Breakup

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