He’s Mine

peacock_657_600x450full bloom feathers.
a plume for pens, boas, fans.
from behind bars,
he peeks,
she protects.

“they’ll never get him from my loving care.
my wings wrapped
gently around him
in a hold,
so soft,
he sleeps in peace
never knowing the dripping glares
from outside greed,
who want to wear his precious life”.

Photo by permission: Medfor Taylor

National Geographic


Un-Buried Treasure

what survives a move?
something I never thought I cared much about.
years later, while rummaging through boxes,
“so sure I still had that thing”,
instead, there IT was.
that fragile, 7UP bottle,
as distorted as life turned out to be… like me…
survived moves of boxes and crates,
in my mind, in reality,
across cities,
across countries.

gems and sparkling goods that make life more beautiful
maybe even easier…but
… far less charming

digging into the past
may require a heavy shovel.

Written for ‘Bottled & Canned Poetry Prompt