Slip Away

photoRun, jump play, now’s the time to get away,
no one looks as you sneak out the door, not to be heard from forever more.

I said I’d bring you back to me.
Lovers forever.
leeping beside water every night, while stars line up to greet the sun,
then gently slip away.

Tomorrow when we wake, the day will look the same.
Not knowing what became of me, you, the stars, the night,
the man on the moon, brings another day for all to see.
He does it with a special song, that stops the birds, and chills the air. Trees reach to get closer, flowers bloom to be nearer.
People dance and love, to bring his voice/breath/life into theirs.

Into the children, who will run and jump and play…
yet, feel the need to get away…

© July 31, 2013


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