Laundromat Love

window-dressing-janet-webbMy life hung outside the window. This night would make or break, my future, love, heart. I couldn’t let her see it. Jealousy had destroyed her love for me, my faith in her. We both met Johnny at the laundromat. He fixed over-soaped, under paid machines. One late laundry night, he showed me a dress
that had been left behind long ago. Ruby red ruffles, skimmed the floor just right, as I sashayed down the
drier aisle  to midnight musak.
“Meet me under the fire escape”, he said. Donning the dress, falling into his arms…
… we’ve been gone ever since. .

photo copyright: Janet Webb

Written for: Rochelle-Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers


13 thoughts on “Laundromat Love

      1. Thanks for following Shelly – the yellow brick road is winding nicely so far this year and I haven’t broken the heel on my red shoes yet!

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