“You Think We Could Get It To Talk”?

They stood wide-eyed, looking at the specimen, afraid to go near.
Never had they seen anything like this! Does it breathe, bite? What strange life form, lives in a see-through box, hanging on a wall? How does one communicate with such a…thing?

Snow fell. Blue sky turned grey. Crystal chimes sang out, calling all return to ship.
“Should we take it with us? You think we could get it to talk? We’re told no one’s alive down here. Best  let it go.” Floating towards their ship, hearing a shrill ring behind them. They responded .”h e l l o?”


For Friday Fictioneers                        photo copyright: Danny Bowman

13 thoughts on ““You Think We Could Get It To Talk”?

  1. It’s difficult to imagine what someone would think if they viewed a phone box for the first time since we know automatically what it is. You did a nice job of conjecturing about that idea.


    1. Thank you, Perry. I really appreciate that! I find these ‘flash fiction’ stories a great challenge. If an idea comes to me right away, I try to write it.
      Best, Shel

  2. So cool. I always tell my kids we had to wait for the Mendlebright sisters (Andy Griffith show) to finish talking before we could call someone. No one knows what a party line is anymore either.

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