sometimes, I don’t want a daisy or a rose.
no sweet reminder of romance.
shake me just a little.
shock my blood turned cold with fear,
so I feel warmth flow through my heart.
remind me… there’s a world out there,
that remembers how to love.

I come crawling,
because times’ gone bawling.
escaping into another day.
hiding in the dark of night.
back again when sun shines bright.

sometimes 2


There is Integrity In Leading By Example; Win Win For All Concerned

Arnold Faber "Vibeman's" Blog

I have led many bands over the years and have found that example is so visible a concept that, everyone seems to get it. Leading by example means, the particular way I conduct myself on/off the bandstand, the way I prepare for rehearsal as well as for performance AND my attitude.

Being barked at, belittled or threatened for what someone else deems musical or detrimental doesn’t really help the team spirit thing that’s so necessary in a group situation. Our musical moments of interaction are fleeting at best. Short of recording, which we can do until we get it “right”, performances last as long as they are perceived then “poof”, they’re gone!

When I first start working with someone, I let them know I am interested in their take on whatever we are involved with or else I wouldn’t have asked them to become involved in the first place…

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