Indulgence of Tradition

006The sun shone brightly through my window as I sat on the couch looking at pictures. We seem to do that at the loss of someone. Often, we’ll look back to another time, trying to figure, why that life is over.

As children we were taught traditions. Don’t speak unless spoken to, honor your Father, and call your Mother every day. The elements wear away our fragile outer selves, until we spend most of our time building hard shells, lest the erosion reach our tender, vulnerable hearts. So, like many, he was taken down by the illness of ‘not living up-to-par’,  he tried so hard to protect himself from.

written for Rochelle-Wisoff-Fields ‘Friday Fictioneers’ prompt

photo copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields



19 thoughts on “Indulgence of Tradition

  1. i like the image you describe in your first paragraph. maybe a stronger image would be “looking at the picture.” instead of pictures? it makes me wonder what the picture is about…a bit mysterious, you know. nevertheless, you did great. ❤

    1. Thank you ‘Sunshine’. I did not post the picture this time, (which may have left it a little confusing, I see), but, the link takes you to the site with the prompt, that the picture is on.
      Have a look, will you?
      Regards, Shel

    1. Thank you, Rich. I think the ‘idea’ of those traditions is a beautiful thing. Sometimes, they turn into practices we can’t follow through with. Doesn’t mean we still don’t hold on to the meanings, and feelings behind them. Too bad that isn’t always enough to please…. You think?

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