Haiku#12 Early Train Rain


rainy morn commute
smiling to my train driver
happily returned



Indulgence of Tradition

006The sun shone brightly through my window as I sat on the couch looking at pictures. We seem to do that at the loss of someone. Often, we’ll look back to another time, trying to figure, why that life is over.

As children we were taught traditions. Don’t speak unless spoken to, honor your Father, and call your Mother every day. The elements wear away our fragile outer selves, until we spend most of our time building hard shells, lest the erosion reach our tender, vulnerable hearts. So, like many, he was taken down by the illness of ‘not living up-to-par’,  he tried so hard to protect himself from.

written for Rochelle-Wisoff-Fields ‘Friday Fictioneers’ prompt

photo copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Pillow Talk

Zentangle® – Pillow Pattern

spinning their wheels,
clocks turn young to old.
belying promises made in haste,
in heat,
in love.

nitty-gritty do’s and don’ts close the day.
looking with pride, and wonder,
at what you’ve done.

eyes on tomorrow even in the black of sleep.
hoisting blankets over exhausted ideas.

arms and legs lie in wait to go again,
charge again,
into the arena of trains and boats and airplanes,
cars and carts and bicycles.
while the mind would rather rest it’s bones
on the soft, sweet pillow
so open to your touch.

Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas developed Zentangle® Art,  an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  



Love the quote under the picture. What a beautiful way to look at time.

Arnold Faber "Vibeman's" Blog

Purging My Music Mind, for me, is an extremely healthy and satisfying proposition. I reach into my soul, draw on everything I have experienced in my musical path, and make room for my musical future.

Hear EXACTLY where I’m coming from?

These three works that I feature(under the post titlePurging My Music Mind; More Satisfying Than A Colonic!) are projects I did that turned out to be milestones in my professional career. I say milestones in the fact that they signalled change/development that coincided with the times socially, technologically AND artistically.

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