Always interesting to read about artists, and their relationships with other art forms. Reaching out in order to grow from within, and, learn from each other.

Arnold Faber "Vibeman's" Blog

I have concluded that dance, music, art disciplines etc. are really all the same. The learning, acquiring experience, avenues for making a livingANDpolitics run a real life parallel. I have found, through the years, that there seems to be a genuine simpatico between people of different disciplines when they are in fact genuine. I really love when they crossover and work together (i.e. music w/art; dance w/music; film w/music).

Recently an artist friend of mine told me about a very interesting group of jazz/art musicians. I am posting this little bit of info with the hope that someone may send further links, sites, etc. my way as I can’t seem to find much about them. I would have loved to hear and see them in action (maybe there is some footage, audio etc.).

Artists’ Jazz Band (AJB), a pioneering Canadian free-jazz group initially composed of…

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