Coffee (1)

Coffees’ known by many names
without it, I’m just not the same.
Java, Jo, who cares… all right?

It gets me through my busy days
and comforts me on fruitless nights.

If I looked up, and it’s not there,
like Vampire dust, I’d turn to air.
I grope my way to grind my beans
the fragrance blooms new life in me.

‘Long as no one takes my coffee away…
I can stay awake…
to write another day.


Always interesting to read about artists, and their relationships with other art forms. Reaching out in order to grow from within, and, learn from each other.

Arnold Faber "Vibeman's" Blog

I have concluded that dance, music, art disciplines etc. are really all the same. The learning, acquiring experience, avenues for making a livingANDpolitics run a real life parallel. I have found, through the years, that there seems to be a genuine simpatico between people of different disciplines when they are in fact genuine. I really love when they crossover and work together (i.e. music w/art; dance w/music; film w/music).

Recently an artist friend of mine told me about a very interesting group of jazz/art musicians. I am posting this little bit of info with the hope that someone may send further links, sites, etc. my way as I can’t seem to find much about them. I would have loved to hear and see them in action (maybe there is some footage, audio etc.).

Artists’ Jazz Band (AJB), a pioneering Canadian free-jazz group initially composed of…

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