Don’t Park Here

This is my entry for a ‘flash fiction’ contest. 24 hours to write 150 words or less, on something strange that might happen in a parking lot.

The sultry voice seemed to come out of nowhere as James slid his sleek midnight blue convertible ‘Bathtub Porsche’ carefully between the two white lines. He had become so attached to her, that friends were beginning to wonder if he’d ever have a life again, let alone a woman! Even above the pleasing groan of the slowing engine, he heard it again. Looking behind him, he felt the smooth pavement tingle as she drove up. Her curvy black lines rippled as her door opened, releasing the tall blond beauty that matched her interior. “Excuse me”, she said, again the silky tone, “that’s my spot”! James looked to the woman, who threw her hands in the air as she said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what to do with her. She has a mind of her own?”


2 thoughts on “Don’t Park Here

  1. This is wonderful! Such a tantalizing glimpse of an encounter – love it!

    I’ve never tried my hand at flash fiction, but I’m thinking maybe I should. Might help me get over blocks.

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