Haiku #5

morning sun awakes
river winding through my yard
 fragrance of the moon 

Photo: S.R.F.


Subway People

It’s coming to get me! photo:S.F.

Subway people are my friends.
We meet up every day,
to travel fast through space and time, spellbound illusions that never stay.

Sometimes the spell hits hard and fast, sometimes we lose our way.
Our eyes turn black,
we hold our breath
in tunnels deep and long.

But then our stop is pre- announced
it’s time for us to go.
We gather bags, and slip on shoes,
and rub our weary eyes.

“First me, no, ME, I got on last”,
our feathers start to fly.
And, now, he’s really PUSHING HARD.
I, growl, “what’s with this guy?”

We chatted all about our reads,
Kobos, komics, and, Kindles,
but now it’s time to say goodbye..
no more smiles, and cheerful mingles.

Doors are banging, lights are flashing,
yet, the arrival voice remains calm.
I’d like to meet this Holy one,
she doesn’t even know what’s going on!

I see my sign, this is my stop,
I really need to go,
I’m tired, hungry, hot, and wet,
“the air must be broken today.”

“Uh, ‘scuse me”, I cut sharply through,
facing a new subway ‘friend’…
“The protocol is – you don’t get on,
until, AFTER the miserable, exiting throng.”

“Glad you’re home, how was your day?
Oh, mine, it was just fine.
I met all sorts of people…
the subway is such a good time…”

The Touch of Time

Touching releases ebb and flow.
Gushing brilliance,
spilling memory after memory
of he who is no longer here.
Don’t you want to remember,
when you were brought to climax,
just ‘cuz he was near.

Don’t Park Here

This is my entry for a ‘flash fiction’ contest. 24 hours to write 150 words or less, on something strange that might happen in a parking lot.

The sultry voice seemed to come out of nowhere as James slid his sleek midnight blue convertible ‘Bathtub Porsche’ carefully between the two white lines. He had become so attached to her, that friends were beginning to wonder if he’d ever have a life again, let alone a woman! Even above the pleasing groan of the slowing engine, he heard it again. Looking behind him, he felt the smooth pavement tingle as she drove up. Her curvy black lines rippled as her door opened, releasing the tall blond beauty that matched her interior. “Excuse me”, she said, again the silky tone, “that’s my spot”! James looked to the woman, who threw her hands in the air as she said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what to do with her. She has a mind of her own?”