trying my hand at Haiku

Green rushing water
draining into the seaside
reflects in my eyes.


The Summer Sky (my title)

This poem was an assignment, given to us years ago, in Poetry School. We were supposed to shorten, and ‘tighten-up’, the original, so to speak! The author is unknown.

Here’s the original

Here’s mine

The deceit of light mocks the summer sky

as warm earth turns to stone

beneath my naked feet.

sun-dotted breezes blessed my smile.

a bitter wind stings the tender birds

till they can no longer warble,

and the cruel empty night


my desolation.


Coming Home

I wanted to write a book before I left this place,
so, you’d know,
who I was,
what I was,
where I was going.
It never really seemed like home.

Cold and stone marked my comings and goings,
mornings and nights,
successes and failures,
loves and losses.

I came (back) here with hopes of finding you,
crawling inside the scent of you, until we breathed as one.

You lost me, and found me, and lost me again,
taking a piece each time you left.

I drink to your oblivion, and smoke to the faded beauty, I still see when I look at you,
when you touch me.
Caressing parts you know so well…
I buckle from your touch.

She’s Watching me

d0c72-photo3She’s watching me…

I cook for her, clean for her,
she knows how hard I try for her
…but it’s not enough.

She’s watching me…
Where will I go?
Each step takes me far away,
then back again.

She thinks I’m teasing her,
playing with the heart, that breaks my own,
each time we say good-bye.

She’s watching me…
Meticulously, she tugs at my arms, my eyes,
my whole body leaps to hold her.

I melt into her warmth, as she melts into mine,
I have to stay home again today…

We sleep.

p.s. perhaps she’s watching you too…

I’s Fraser Lake

Fraser Lake photo: S.R.F.

Lazy days, nights that stopped the clock.
Set back into the arms of childhood…
fun, fury, broken hearts fueling fires…

Rebuilding dreams we’ve kept in our pockets.
Returning, relearning, recharging.
Infusing all that is… with all that was

Taking us to another day,
with a smile, and a hug.

Fraser Lake Cottages