You come to me

You rock my world.
         You sing to me,
         dance to me,
         bring me twilight
         at the end of a dusky day.

You come to me,
         where sweet replaces
         sour praise...
         you slip through the night...
         to come to me.

If I could paint the music

If I could paint the music,
the colours that I hear,
the hues would be of blues and gold
the shyness of the dawn.

If I could paint the music
the serenity it brings,
there’d never be a hard, harsh line
to interrupt the song.

‘Vibeman’ Arnold Faber on YouTube

Space to Gamers

Gamers… where do you come from?8321066300_52b9a715c4I really need to know.
I’m travelling from so very far,
I heard you on the farthest star.

The sounds you make have drawn me near.
Didn’t you know that I could hear?
The pictures and the colours too.
I want to come and play with you.