In the Wake of Tsunami

How do we handle catastrophes? They come upon us in a flash, like a smack across the face. Do we hold a sideways glance at the ones, that don’t  involve us…?
That’s when the genuine depth of our empathy and sympathy for  life, and our interaction, or, lack, thereof, can’t hide from who we really are.

  In the Wake of Tsunami

Mother Natures’ had enough of what she’s seen and heard,
She’ll solve the chaos of the world…
without…a single word.


forever the hippie.. Jimmie and a fat ‘j’ on a smoky afternoon, give way to Jimmie via ipod, on a elliptical trainer, with promise of claret at the end.

Last night it rained “purple rain”

the man, who used to be my prince,
came to me…in my dreams.

the suit

i watch him go to work each day
his briefcase in his hand
i wonder does he leave his mark
does he make a stand

when lights are out and doors are locked
does anyone know he’s been there
when books are closed and pens are dry
does anybody care

“i do” a voice cries from within
“i’m not just another suit,
this work’s not easy every day
not every man could take this route”

at night he sits, computer bound
his fingers buttons push
his mind the wheel his thoughts the tape
that calculate the truth

tomorrow he will walk again
but i know where he’s (you’ve) been
and the passions of a dreamy man
sit home and wait
for him

‘Cyber’ me this

20171108-IMG_2544_preview-1.jpg   Many moons ago, I began this blog. Started recording some of my years of writing, and continued publishing, archiving, saving drafts of my work.

Although I waffle between red and white now, the blog title is out there, and still evokes the warmth and brevity I felt, when I copied my first poem from paper to post. I hope it resonates with you.

In this cyberspace world, we have learned we are only limited by the depth and width of our thinking, and our lack of knowledge. We can virtually, be anywhere,  just by closing our eyes.

Funny, it’s always been like that. It’s just so vast now…
We attempt to cram so much information into our minds in a day,
perhaps we have lost trust in our own vision, forgotten how to give surprise and wonder a place in our reality…

Our Seduction

Music and movies have always seduced me. They remind me of moments in my life, or, take me into worlds that I can only dream of…

You see me moving slowly, seductive to your eyes. A bend, a turn, a lick of lips, you know I’m your demise. I mirror how you feel and touch, the way you move and breathe. I wonder…… you embrace me so. Which one has greater need?