‘Cyber’ me this

20171108-IMG_2544_preview-1.jpg   Many moons ago, I began this blog. Started recording some of my years of writing, and continued publishing, archiving, saving drafts of my work.

Although I waffle between red and white now, the blog title is out there, and still evokes the warmth and brevity I felt, when I copied my first poem from paper to post. I hope it resonates with you.

In this cyberspace world, we have learned we are only limited by the depth and width of our thinking, and our lack of knowledge. We can virtually, be anywhere,  just by closing our eyes.

Funny, it’s always been like that. It’s just so vast now…
We attempt to cram so much information into our minds in a day,
perhaps we have lost trust in our own vision, forgotten how to give surprise and wonder a place in our reality…


*Day 7 – 30 Day Poetic Earth Day (and an exciting new form) Challenge – Distances & Magnitude

 New Form Challenge     villanelle

he’s farther than the eye can see
still,  I hold him in my hand
a locket, a picture of him and me

*Day 6 Lost Love

she lost her love.
daring down roads
once travelled,
she inhales the dust
with sweet remembrance,
squeezing the life out of life.

*Tweetspeak Community ‘Poetic Earth Month’ Challenge

*Write a love or friendship poem that captures a sense of loss.
Include both:
• some kind of natural element
• some kind of human-made element

*Day 5 Ode To Food

Golden ‘mais’ you move me
you love a joyful tumble
wherever there’s hot air

‘cuz you know it’s going to change you,IMG_4816
and, how much I’m going to love you

I can make you anywhere,
and when your fragrance fills the air …
I can take you anywhere,
I want to make new friends!


**Tweetspeak Community ‘Poetic Earth Month’ Challenge

*Write a prayer for or an ode to a food item you are about to eat or already ate today. Will you (or did you) eat the whole item? Why or why not? If you aren’t going to eat the whole item (or didn’t), what will happen to the item once it’s no longer on your plate? You can explore the answers to these questions in your poem, too.

*Day 4 How to Age A Tree

I passed your stroller, while riding in mine
our mothers’ ‘smiled’ at one another …
checking out the hair, nails and dress each wore on that first summer day …
we barely met
summer turned to fall and
the leaves turned fiery red, reminding us to take one last look
before they die

I watched winter through the window

learning  to stand tall
as the tree we met under,
when we were really small

in spring, we ran to meet
to speak, our hearts
whispers through the leaves of our tree
no taller than we …

turns out our tree was just a baby
like us, when we met
and like our love, still rooting strong,
our tree grows right along




**Tweetspeak Community ‘Poetic Earth Month’ Challenge

*Write a poem that ages a tree through memory. It could be a tree from your childhood. Or it could be a tree that’s been part of your adulthood. Consider looking up details about your chosen tree—its scientific and common names, where it grows best, its history, etc.

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*Day 3 “There is always something left to love.” Writer Gabriel García Marquez

just when I thought the day had nothing left to give,
as the city hurts my ears

is it the wine we drank to shine a soft glow
in contrast to the sharpness of the world outside ..
that rocks my head?

on the dusty streets,
debris of fallen nails and screws from the building blocks
of new skyscrapers,
reaching shakily for the sky

looking up to see how tall they are,
light rain washes the grit from my eyes
and a rainbow,
as high as birds now have to fly
to find their piece/peace of space,
turns glass and chrome to sparkling beams
now guiding my way home.

*Tweetspeak Community ‘Poetic Earth Month’ Challenge

*Day 3 ‘Write a poem that starts, “Just when I thought the day had nothing left to give.” Then name your doubts or despair. Then name something you can feel gratitude for, some gift from the earth’s abundant economy.’

*Day 2 A Hurting Time

she was a beauty.
there’s a reason I’m mad at the moon for shining crystal clear in the middle of the night.
a puppy, growing in my arms, because I never wanted to put her down
in any way …
only five seasons of moonshine later, I whispered
“stay with me in the glow of the moon tonight”

fading, like the day softly she began to sleep, subway, shoulder friend
but, there were other plans.
… disorder led to impatience.
then love, care, and compassion,
got lost in the wake of night…

the nature of time does not allow for error, greed and overtime’.

lost this armful of magnificence to the struggle of time,
which works hard to keep up with the struggle of life.

*Tweetspeak Community ‘Poetic Earth Month’ Challenge