‘Cyber’ me this

20171108-IMG_2544_preview-1.jpg   Many moons ago, I began this blog. Started recording some of my years of writing, and continued publishing, archiving, saving drafts of my work.

Although I waffle between red and white now, the blog title is out there, and still evokes the warmth and brevity I felt, when I copied my first poem from paper to post. I hope it resonates with you.

In this cyberspace world, we have learned we are only limited by the depth and width of our thinking, and our lack of knowledge. We can virtually, be anywhere,  just by closing our eyes.

Funny, it’s always been like that. It’s just so vast now…
We attempt to cram so much information into our minds in a day,
perhaps we have lost trust in our own vision, forgotten how to give surprise and wonder a place in our reality…


today’s surprise

There was a surprise waiting for me when I got up this morning. It wasn’t a thing, or person, but information. While doing a, (much shorter these days), social media scan, I learned that very little surprises me anymore …
wish it wasn’t true …

#TBT – unedited poem from many, many, many moons ago

Things I Would Have Changed

What I would have changed in life
If I had known the chance.
The time to look ahead, instead of
Just a backward glance.

My mother and my father
Told me I would have regrets,
The longer we endure things,
The tougher that thought gets.

Not the things they thought that
I would suffer in the end.
The day to day recurring bouts,
The messages we send.

If I had know that it could hurt
To open up my eyes.
Look a child in the face
Desperate to keep ties.

This morning you were just a boy
Learning to tie shoes.
Tonight we talk of cruelty,
You’ve seen some of life’s truths.

I wouldn’t change a single thing
Yes, questions, they still come.
But, this love, consumes me now,
I cherish where it’s come from.